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My Little World

Sagittarius. Small town girl. PNW. Only Child. Good vibes. Cats. Volleyball. OCI student. Future Caterer. Single. Music. Photographer. Marijuana. Family. Friends. Paramore. Shania Twain. Def Leppard. Panic! At the disco. Breathe Carolina. Star Wars. Adventure Time. Teen Titans. That 70s Show. Disney. Cinderella. Clueless.


I have never reblogged anything faster in my life.

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kaydoggydog asked: You like Paramore AND Def Leppard? Pretty sure we should be friends. ;)


They are completely fantastic!! We Probably should lol :)


When one of my family members asks why I don’t have a boyfriend


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So I still have questions to answer and ill work on them tonight.  I have to go to class.  And the rest of them will take me a long time to answer.  Too Complicated to answer in a few sentences.  A few of them will be rantish. Sorry not sorry

Anonymous asked: Top 5 Bands?


1. Paramore

2. Shania Twain(she’s not a band but I’m putting her in)

3. Def Leppard

4. Panic! at the Disco

5. Breathe Carolina

Anonymous asked: Favorite Titan?


hmmmmmm, can it be tie?

I love Starfire probably the most, but I really love Robin too.

I love how happy and bright Starfire is, and she is what holds the team together. She’s an incredible person, her backstory is quite tragic and yet she is the happiest person and the most understanding.  She is truly an inspiration.

But I love Robin, because he’s the leader, he deals with an incredible amount of pressure from a lot of people and he does his best to live up to the expectations. Yes, he does mess up, which makes me love him more.  He is only human and he proves it.  I relate to him a lot in the fact that I’m really hard on myself much like him.


Anonymous asked: Do you smoke?


Cigarettes? No, never have I ever.

Hookah, Frequently.

Marijuana, yes a lot

Anonymous asked: That music thing. ALL OF THEM 1-20?


1:favourite five albums of all time

1.Brand New Eyes; Paramore

2.Paramore; Paramore

3.Riot; Paramore

4.Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die; Panic! at the Disco

5.Savages; Breathe Carolina

2:favourite song lyrically

Last Hope; Paramore

3:favourite song musically

End of All Things; Panic! at the Disco

4:last gig you went to

Say Anything, The Front Bottoms, The So So Glos, You Blew It

5:the band you want to get back together most

I want Josh and Zac back in Paramore

Don’t get me wrong, I love paramore the way they are now, but I wish Zac and Josh were still with them.

6:a song that makes you cry

Happy; Leona Lewis

7:a song that makes you laugh

Cameltoe; Fannypack

(I played Volleyball for too long)

8:a lyric you have to shout


Not the American Average; Asking Alexandria

9:the song you sing most in the shower

Depends on the day, Lately its been

Don’t; Ed Sheeran

10:favourite gig you’ve been to\

Tie between

The All American Rejects.


All Time Low, The Summer Set, The Downtown Fiction, Hit the Lights.

Good Chance this will Change after next Sunday :)

11:a song you’d most like to do karaoke to

mmmmm, I Feel Like a Woman; Shania Twain

12:a band member you’d most like to do karaoke with

Hayley motherfuckin Williams

13:are you a CD/vinyl person or an MP3 download person?

Mp3, I have entirely too much music for Cds.

14:favourite album to listen to in full

Paramore; Paramore

15:a song to sum up this year so far

Car Radio; Twenty One Pilots

16:most played song on your itunes

Please Don’t Say; Breathe Carolina

17:favourite album artwork

Savages; Breathe Carolina


18:favourite song title

Build God, Then We’ll Talk

19:guilty pleasure song

Tell Me a Lie; One Direction

20:favourite soundtrack

Jenifer’s Body

Send me a song and i’ll tell you my favourite line(s) from it xxxx

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Teen titans go keeps making me yawn!!!! This fucking episode man!



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